We all know that digitized money transactions are supposed to be fast and convenient, but there are definitely ways to send money even faster. Opting for speedy transfers is crucial, especially since millions of goods are being bought online. Here is a quick look at ways you can send money digitally the fastest way possible.


Zelle is one of the fastest ways to send money, as most deliveries can get delivered within minutes after you send it! Zelle is connected to more than 800 financial institutions and it sends money between bank accounts quickly. Zelle works as a standalone app too if your current bank account is not part of Zelle’s network. It is a popular way to send a secure payment (like the ones found in NationalPayCorp), so it is a good choice for fast online payments.

However, you will need a bank account in the United States to send and receive payments. It does not have any fees for transfers, but the banks that are partnered with Zelle may still charge fees. The transfer limits can vary based on the banks, but the larger banks may set limits of $2,000-2,500 per day. However, Zelle is not a good option for buying or selling, so do not expect any protection if it was a business transaction. 

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Google Pay

Google Pay is one of the fastest, almost being as fast as Zelle. In email, it offers smooth transactions and it instantly transfers cash to debit cards. You can use Google Pay to transfer money using your email address or a phone number for free, with $10,000 being the maximum limit for each transfer. 

Keep in mind that you can only use a debit card or bank account to fund transfers, so your prepaid cards and credit cards will not be useful. Another bonus of Google Pay is that they cover 100% of unverified unauthorized transactions; you definitely do not see that in most services!


PayPal is a pioneer in the digital money transfer service industry, and it boasts a high transfer maximum making it ideal for people who want to send large sums of cash. The fees tend to vary greatly, but it is free for bank account transfers. Most large transfers for other transfer services take many days to process, but PayPal can be as quick as one business day. However, keep in mind that it CAN stretch to 5 business days depending on other factors.


International transfers can take forever to process, so TransferWise is a good choice if you want to send money internationally and quickly next to PayPal. Bank account transfers can take over a week, but the average time to completely process a TransferWise transfer is only three business days. 

Overall, TransferWise is a go-to for many people because there are no markups for foreign exchange rates. Plus, there is usually a flat dollar rate for transfers, and it tends to increase as the transfer amount increases, but it usually less than 1%.

If you want instant transactions that are easy and quick to do, then you can try any of the options listed above.